DH Mobility Modder.NET

DH Mobility Modder.NET 1.2

Loads original ATI display drivers and modifies them
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Modifies original ATI drivers to work with the mobility chipsets without waiting for OEMs to release new ones. Stay updated with latest features provided by the AMD Corporation. Customizes the drivers with the MSXML support for maximum accuracy and stability.

DH Mobility Modder.NET allows you to keep your graphics drivers updated. Many people frequently are waiting for their OEM to furnish them with new drivers.
With the Mobility Modder.NET you can modify original ATI display drivers to work on your mobility chipsets.

The program will do 3 checks when it is started to check for MSXML 6.0. If 1 of the checks fail then install or reinstall MSXML 6.0.
Check 1 is the registry check for the MSXML 6.0 registry key.
Check 2 is an extra registry check for the MSXML 6.0 registry key.
Check 3 is the file check for the MSXML 6.0 file msxml6.dll.

If Check 1 and/or 2 fails and Check 3 passes then run "regsvr32 msxml6.dll" without the ". That should fix it.
User Account Control is only on Windows Vista.
The current modification only works on Windows XP and Windows Vista drivers.

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